Marine Services

Not only do we offer exceptional diagnostic and repair services for your ride, but we also extend our expertise to your vessel. We provide exceptional diagnostic and repair marine services that will keep you on the water with a smile.

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What We Do

Authorized Mercury Marine Repair & Service Dealer

As proud authorized dealers, we specialize in repairing, selling, and servicing Mercury Marine motors and ship components. Our crew is well-versed in the intricate workings of Mercury Marine equipment, ensuring that your vessel receives the care and attention it deserves.

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Outboard Marine Service

Our team also knows how to diagnose and resolve any issues your outboard motor may encounter. From routine maintenance to tackling complex repairs, we make your outboard motor surf through the waters with maximum efficiency.

Vessel Refit

Ready to unleash the inner artist in your vessel? Our vessel refit service is where innovation and craftsmanship collide. From electrifying electrical system upgrades to revamping the interiors with creative flair, we will leave your craft turning heads at every port.

Mobile Services

No need to worry if your vessel hits a bump in the road or water. With tools and a can-do spirit, our expert technicians will go to your location to perform diagnostics, repairs, and more.

Transport and Haul out

Need to take your land or sea companion on a journey? Our reliable transport and haul-out services are designed to ensure a smooth and secure voyage for your vessel. We handle all logistics, from loading to unloading, prioritizing the safety of your asset. Whether you're relocating your vehicle or hauling out your boat for maintenance or storage, count on us for a seamless experience.

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Parts Inventory in Stock

From Mercury and Yamaha components to electronic systems, fishing accessories, engine parts, and engines, we've got the goods to bring your vessel back to life. With a vast array of quality parts in stock, we'll have you back on the water in record time, ready to conquer the next adventure.

Sales, Service, and Warranty Engine Repair

If you're seeking the perfect engine to match your needs, require routine servicing, or need repairs covered by your warranty, our dedicated crew is at your service. With our blend of technical expertise and passion, we'll have your engine roaring with delight in no time and make sure your vessel performs at its peak.

Lower Units

Our skilled technicians are experts in the intricacies of lower unit repairs and replacements. Whether your lower unit requires routine maintenance, repairs for damages, or an upgrade to enhance performance, we'll make your vessel glide through the water with optimal efficiency.


Experience the perfect balance of performance and maneuverability with our propeller services. We will help you select the ideal propeller for your vehicle or vessel, considering size, pitch, and material factors. From installation to fine-tuning, your propeller will perfectly match your needs.


We know how important properly installed and aligned rigging components are for optimal performance and safety. If you need a new rigging setup or modifications to an existing one, we'll work closely with you so your vessel is rigged to perfection.

Extended Warranties

We believe in the durability and reliability of our services and products, so we offer warranties beyond the standard coverage. With our extended warranties, you can sail with confidence, knowing that we have you covered in the long run. 

Boat Details

We meticulously clean, polish, and protect every nook and cranny of your vessel, restoring its showroom shine and safeguarding the paintwork from the elements. From bow to stern, we can create a fresh and pristine appearance for your boat.

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Financing Available for Repowers & Repairs!

Repowering or repairing your vessel can be a significant investment. That's why we have financing options to make it more accessible. We can help you get the services you need while spreading out the cost over time, making it easier to enjoy the benefits of a powerful engine or restored vehicle or vessel.

Looking for Marine Services for Your Vessel in West Palm Beach?

Don't let vessel issues slow you down. Contact Bigg Boy Auto and Marine today for expert diagnostics, repairs, and exceptional service. Call us to get back on the water with confidence!

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